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Skyla Marista Theatrical

My Story

Skyla Marista is a dynamic force, known for her magnetic performances and grounding energy both on and off the screen. Hailing from the bustling streets of Toronto, Ontario (Canada), Skyla's love for storytelling blossomed early, fueled by the diverse cultural tapestry of her hometown and enriched by her Jamaican, Guyanese, and Chinese heritage.


From her childhood days of crafting and performing her own tales, Skyla's path to acting was inevitable. Armed with a degree in acting and a minor in political science from the University of Windsor, she dove headfirst into the world of television and film.

Off-screen, Skyla wears many hats, navigating the realm of public affairs, government relations, and public relations with finesse. If you're not entirely sure what public affairs entails, don't fret – most people don’t! Just think of her as a modern-day Olivia Pope, you know, Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal? Only, a much, much more vanilla modern-day Olivia Pope. 

In the midst of her demanding career, Skyla delights in the simple joys of life. Whether she's galloping on horseback, devouring Young Adult Fantasy novels at a slightly alarming rate, or delving into her own writing projects, she embraces each passion wholeheartedly. As a lifelong dog enthusiast and care specialist, she maintains an unwavering commitment to expanding her expertise in canine behavior and care with fervent dedication. If you have any questions about your canine friends, feel free to ask her; seriously, Skyla is passionate about leveraging her expertise to aid dog owners in gaining deeper insights into their furry companions.

If you haven't noticed yet, Skyla truly embodies the essence of a Renaissance woman, dabbling in a bit of everything with infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled dedication. As the host of a monthly writer's group for emerging black screenwriters in Los Angeles, she provides a nurturing space for creativity to flourish, encouraging fellowship, accountability, and mutual support.

With an unwavering commitment to her craft and an insatiable thirst for life, Skyla Marista dreams of conquering writing, acting, producing, and beyond. For her, life is a grand adventure meant to be savored to the fullest. She believes in exploring every avenue of inspiration, embracing the multifaceted nature of our existence, and nurturing the unique facets of who we are. After all, we only have one life to live – and Skyla intends to make every moment count.

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