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Skyla Marista Theatrical

The Collective

Introducing Noir Literary Collective (NLC): a vibrant monthly writer's group tailored specifically for emerging black screenwriters in the heart of Los Angeles. Founded by the dynamic duo of Skyla Marista and Seheri Swint, NLC offers a nurturing haven where black writers can immerse themselves in their craft.


At NLC, members are invited to share their creative sparks, exchange industry insights, and bask in a supportive environment devoid of judgment. It's a space designed to empower aspiring writers, fostering accountability and providing invaluable guidance on their journey to success in the industry as black creatives.


Join us on the first Saturday of each month, as we gather at various locations across the city to cultivate our passion for storytelling and forge lasting connections. Interested in becoming part of our thriving community? Reach out to Skyla for more details on how to get involved. 

Let your voice be heard and your stories shine bright!

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